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Testimonials from our clients...

Do you want to 10X your business? Well look no further.

WOW! Rahib is the best. Do you want to 10X your business? Well look no further. I am an experienced marketer and he is a PRO. Highly recommend him to anyone. His hourly rate based on his skill sets should be at least $150/hr. He is professional, punctual, efficient, has an endless amount of knowledge and is also one of the nicest guys around.

Ian Phoenix

A Dream Come True

Rahib was a dream come true. I’d tried a few other people in this roll over the years and no one got the job done like he did. He’s been passionate about his work, always producing high quality and fast results, thinking of things before I do, helping me feel totally taken care of. Thank you, Rahib!!!

Leah Pearlman

an absolute pleasure to work with

Rahib was an absolute pleasure to work with and he really knows his stuff! He was really helpful in terms of nailing down my niche and then also getting the data needed out of the advertisements that we ran. I’m in a much better position for success in my business now.

I wish I had ten of him!

Rahib has been an absolute pleasure to work with, would highly highly recommend him to others. Delivered under schedule (even working around his wedding!) and was prompt to communicate, give feedback, provide thoughtful insights, and great suggestions throughout the whole process. He was a wealth of knowledge on everything from general strategy to recommendations on resources to ways we could save money and still achieve our desired goals. I wish I had ten of him!

Amy Freeborn

highly recommend him to solve any business challenge

Rahib has been a pleasure to work with on so many levels. I required a co-pilot in developing an automated online sales response system that included video, info graphics with suitable links. I found Rahib resourceful, enthusiastic and someone who steps up to the plate no matter what problem or obstacle that we were faced with. I plan on working with Rahib again, and highly recommend him to solve any business challenge that you might be faced with, or any project that you need launched!!

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